A virtual small group for professional Christian women

Why We’re Here

This Small Group originated as a small group — a very, very small group, in fact.  Five years ago, I was starting my first “big-girl” job, joining a new church, and taking responsibility for a relationship with God that had lately lagged.  Within all of that, I was floundering, looking for a support system that I hadn’t experienced since I was in my junior year of college. So, I dove into all the ways to get connected at my new church.  I went through their introductory classes, joined a volunteer team, signed up for a young professionals’ group; I checked every box.

The first group met in the home of a married couple and consisted of three other couples in their mid-30s.  The small talk conversation centered around marriages, children, in-laws, and mortgages. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Me internally felt that my concerns were minor, as they “only” dealt with rent, a brand new pet, and a new work environment.  They never said that the struggles were different, of course, but it was difficult to connect with these strangers who seemed so far removed from my own experiences. This group did not warrant a repeat visit, and neither did the next, nor the third. After two years of this, I’d grown frustrated, and I prepared to drop my efforts of ever finding a group where I’d feel comfortable sharing my life.

Through all of this, I’d grown acquainted with two other young women who were experiencing the same struggles to connect with a group.  We knew each other through work, regularly caught up after church services, and sometimes even grabbed coffee together. And ultimately, in what could only be described as God’s doing, we each felt His guidance to step up and take a lead.  For me, it was a whisper saying, “If not this group, why not yours?” So we met, we prayed, we waited for doors to close — but instead, we signed up for group leadership training, we completed interviews, and we formed our own group for young adult professional women.

And now we’re here!  Abby and I are the remaining founders of the group.  Allie was our first person to join that group. Over the past three years, our numbers have grown and diminished.  We’ve changed jobs, changed houses, changed relationships. Our studies have ranged from the practical — facing our fears by going In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day — to the biblical — at least 2 different series on the book of Ruth! — and the bizarre — wait until you hear about Muffin Girl. Through all these changes and studies, we were able to form a tight group of friends who are so full of encouragement and growth. We want to be able to spread that same environment beyond our own small group to This Small Group within the world wide web. And now, at the risk of sounding too cheesy, we’d like to open our doors, pour you a cup of coffee, and invite you to join us as we do life together (even if it’s via screens).


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