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If Your Commute’s Rough and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

Whether your commute is two minutes or two hours, everyone has some sort of commute into work. If your commute is amazing and wonderful and just the right amount of time, then you are definitely blessed! However, for others, commutes are far too long and far too difficult. These are the commutes where you have to remember that you have your church’s bumper sticker on the back of your car, so flipping the bird would not quite be the greatest example of being a Christian. 

These rough commutes aren’t exactly conducive to having a great attitude in the office, which can impact work interactions and productivity. So, what can be done? In many cases, commutes won’t be changing any time soon. There’s got to be some way of making these rough commutes better, not just sucking it up and putting on a brave face.

If just sucking it up isn’t really working for you anymore, try these tips to help beat the commute blues:

1. Listen to some uplifting music:

You can never go wrong with some upbeat, positive music. Music can have such powerful messages and completely brighten your day with just the right lyrics. Personally, I try to start off my commute with some contemporary Christian music. It’s such a great reminder that I’m loved by God, that He sees me, and that He cares about me and my day. Knowing how much God loves me and cares about me can help me see my day as a blessing and a way to show God’s love to others. Knowing that God is walking with me helps me check my words and attitude.

2. Tune in to an audio book:

Books are such a great escape. It’s a way to let yourself focus on another story or topic of interest and forget about the stresses and problems you’re experiencing at work. If you commute using public transportation, it’s pretty easy to throw a book in your bag for the ride. If you drive, though, audio books are a good way to focus on something else other than the upcoming work day. When I was still in school, reading during my commute was how I got through my mandatory reading for classes. Since wrapping up school, I’ve been focusing on fun reading which, for me, is fiction, preferably historical fiction (where my fellow history nerds at?!?). 

3. Discover the joy of podcasts:

I recently discovered how awesome podcasts are. It seems like there’s a podcast for every possible subject you can imagine! Whether you want to take the opportunity to learn about a specific topic like current events, history, science, economics, etc., or you just want to hear some hilarious hosts talk about everything under the sun, there is a podcast that will appeal to you. I like to alternate; sometimes I’ll go for an educational one, other days I’ll go for more of the humor, and sometimes I’ll go for the faith-focused. That really just depends on my mood.

Commutes may not be the most exciting thing in the world. I’m pretty sure people don’t jump out of bed excited for their commute into the office. It may be the thing you dread most about your work day. But they are a necessary challenge everyone must face. Instead of simply trying to make the best of things and having to fight off the stress of a commute, why not find a great way to make the commute more fun and upbeat? Not only will it be great for you personally, your boss and colleagues will definitely notice your upbeat attitude.

What are your best commute blues busting tips?


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