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Intangible Blessings: Intro

Hey everybody! So I get to be the last to do the daily days of thankfulness series the three of us have been focusing on. When I was thinking about what I wanted to cover for my portion of this series, this idea came to mind pretty quickly. Now, I know it may be cheesy, but hopefully I can put a different kind of spin on this. In the next days, I want to examine different things I’m grateful for, but not necessarily the tangible things. I think there’s times when we forget the intangible things, that we take them for granted. Maybe it’s because they aren’t physically in front of us, so there’s no reminder right in front of our eyes of what we have. I know there’s times when I don’t truly understand how incredibly blessed I am to have these. Maybe these are the things you don’t forget at all and are grateful for every single day, but maybe you’re like me and every so often, you need a reminder of the intangible. So, hopefully over the next few days, as we consider the different intangible things, we can learn to keep them in mind more often than just in this month of thankfulness and commit to be thankful for them all year round.

So, to start off, a question for thought: how often do you take time to say thanks for the intangible things you’ve been blessed with?


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