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Intangible Blessings: Day One

This one may seem pretty obvious, but the first thing I want to say that I’m thankful for is Truth. I mean, truth in general is something to be grateful for, but I mean Truth with a capital ‘T’.

Many of us have heard the verse found in John 14: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Jesus is saying that He is the Truth. In this world, truth has become such a relative thing. The idea that every truth is valid has become the common idea. While everyone is completely entitled to believe what they believe, truth in itself can only be one thing. Different varying ideas about a topic cannot all be true. In this verse, Jesus is making a statement about how he is the truth, not a truth, not one of many truths, but the truth. He is the only way to a restored relationship with God. We can never become perfect to be in relationship with a perfect God of our own accord. We can only be made perfect through the sacrifice of a perfect man and that was Jesus Christ.

In a world that tells us that we have to believe that multiple truths about God are equally valid, how can we believe in truth at all? Whenever we experience those moments, we should be thankful for the God who tells us truth. We should be thankful for a God who is open and honest about who He is and why He is the Truth.


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