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Intangible Blessings: Day Three

Have you ever experienced something that completely took your breath away? Maybe it was seeing something gorgeous in nature? Maybe it was hearing something so beautiful or something you had been longing to hear for so long? While there are times when life is really challenging, there are also moments where we are completely taken aback in sheer awe. But when those moments happen, do we really appreciate where they come from? Do we get so wrapped up in the moment itself that we forget to thank the One who gives those moments?

Job 25:2 says “Dominion and awe belong to God; he establishes order in the heights of heaven.” Job states how God is in control of the heavens. The Lord is the Creator of everything; He fashioned everything from vast galaxies down to the smallest microbes. He also created every single one of us, making us in His own image. He would only make something in His own image if He loved it so much more than possibly imaginable. One of the ways He shows His love for us is by giving us these absolutely incredible moments that we can hardly believe are even possible. It is easy, in those moments, to focus on what is happening, to focus on the sights we are seeing, the words we are hearing. We are people who focus on the things we can actually experience with our five senses and tend to ignore those that we cannot capture with those senses.

However, next time we experience something so incredible, instead of just being thankful for that experience, we should take a moment and thank the One who made that moment possible and gave us the ability to feel complete awe.

Is there a recent awe-inspiring moment that you’ve experienced?


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