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Intangible Blessings: Day Four

Most people experience one of two reactions to new things. They either completely reject new things, preferring the comfort of the known and the familiar or they are excited for the new things and can’t wait for them to get there. While I do like having a routine, I’ve always looked forward to new things; it must stem from growing up moving around all the time, I got used to new things every so often. While some the new things were really small and didn’t have that big of a change, other things meant a complete change in my world. And a lot of the time, I didn’t have a say in how things changed. Now, I could have fought against it, but I realized that it wouldn’t change anything trying to fight against it. Instead of wasting the energy, why not embrace the new things and embrace the change? ‘Cause who knew, it could turn out to be pretty amazing; a lot of the time, it really was.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that “…if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come…” When we accept Christ, we are made completely new. However, it can be hard to fully embrace being completely made new. We are still human and that human nature within us is still fighting to take over, fighting to bring us back to where we were. But we can trust God that He will help us continue to move forward, embracing the new creation and becoming more like Him, becoming people who show His love through everything we do. So be thankful for the new things, and especially the new you that came about through Christ.


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