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Intangible Blessings: Day Six

Not sure if any of y’all are like me and are big history and government nerds, but have you ever truly considered the importance of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights? Specifically, the first line: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. The early Americans had just gained their independence. Under previous rule, the government was able to make laws regarding a specific established religion, in essence promoting one specific established religion over another. In drafting this portion of the Amendment, Americans were allowed the right to choose which religion they wanted to pursue and not have the government prohibit them from exercising that religion. As a result, we in the United States can freely choose to worship and express our faith, not fearing any reprisal from the government or essentially being forced into one or the other.

Unfortunately, the concept of freedom of religion may be simply an ideal state in some other places. In some locations, individuals have to worship in secret. Some may even face death if they proclaim one faith over another. And yet, some Sundays, I just don’t feel like going out to church. Some Sundays, I’d rather do other things than gather with fellow believers and worship the incredible God I love. So, the next time, I’m tempted to sleep in instead of go to service, I should take a minute and think of how many people would be immensely grateful for the opportunity to meet in person with other believers and not fear reprisal. And I should take a moment to feel that immense gratefulness and actually get up and go.


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