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Intangible Blessings: Day Seven

Have you ever taken a good look at your life and considered all the plans you had made? Then, have you considered how things actually turned out? I cannot tell you how many times I prayed for this thing or that thing to happen, and then…they don’t. When we were living in Rhode Island, I wanted to move back to North Carolina so badly. North Carolina was my home and I wanted so desperately to be back in the place I loved. Well, it didn’t happen. We actually ended up moving overseas for a couple years and then ended up back in Virginia after many years away from there. It wasn’t what I wanted, but God clearly knew better.

While in living Virginia for the third time, I ended up going to an incredible youth group with such wonderful people. It was at a conference with that group that I would truly understand what it means to not just be a Christian, but to have a real, deep relationship with Christ. And while my relationship with Christ has definitely gone through highs and lows, it has been the most incredible thing and the thing I’m most grateful for in my life. So, looking back on my life, I look at those things that I so desperately wanted that didn’t work out. Yes, I do think of how things might have been different if they had happened. But then, I also look at the person I have become and all the experiences I’ve had that have molded me and shaped me and I realize that I wouldn’t be the same without those things happening. So, while it definitely was not my expectation to live in Virginia yet again, it ended up being such a great unexpected blessing.

What’s one prayer that you really wanted to happen but are now so thankful that it didn’t?


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