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Intangible Blessings: Day Nine

So, if you’ve been tracking, you’ll realize that each of the intangible things I’ve been talking about spells out ‘Thankful’ (yes, cheesy Allie took the lead when planning this series). With the series being ten days including the intro, I was short one day. So, putting the cheesy hat back on, the intangible thing I’m thankful for is excitement, represented by an exclamation point, so it actually spells out “Thankful!”.

Have you ever truly considered how much of a blessing it is to experience excitement? Excitement can some from experiencing something that makes you happy, but it can also come from the anticipation of that very thing. It can be something so simple, like going out for coffee, or it can be for something huge like graduation or a promotion or getting married or having a baby. Excitement is a signal that something good is ahead or has occurred. While whatever we are excited for is most certainly a blessing, and we are so happy when it does occur, the anticipation, the eagerness, that in itself is a blessing. There’s something so thrilling in the moments before something great happens.

The next time each of us are anticipating something incredible, let’s take a moment to be thankful for the anticipation, for the waiting. Though the anticipation and the waiting may be hard, if we look at it with excitement and thankfulness for that excitement, the joy when it happens will be all the greater.

When is the last time you were truly grateful for the excitement in the waiting?


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