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12 Days of Christmas: 11

11 Pipers Piping

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me…music! And so did all the radio stations, the stores, and the commercials. For some of us, Christmas songs begin as soon as Thanksgiving dinner ends, and I’m not here to knock that at all. Wherever we go, we hear reminders of “all we want for Christmas” or where we were “last Christmas.” Depending on where you live, you might be thinking it’s “looking a lot like Christmas” or bemoaning that you’ll never get a “white Christmas.” For music that’s designed to celebrate one of the most magical seasons, I know I can end up feeling pretty frustrated after listening to a few songs in a row. Maybe just me?

Like Abby said yesterday, this can be a season that ends up being a lot more about comparisons than celebrations. It quickly becomes important that we take responsibility for our mental states, protecting ourselves from the commercialism that drives us to seek out more, whether that “more” is products or relationships. We can grow hasty in our searches, looking for that one extra Item that might fill a gap. We rush through stores, squeeze through narrow spaces, check items off lists, and hope to beat the lines before our bank accounts recognize how many times we’re swiping our cards. As we see more and more sales signs, it can be easy to forget how much joy we actually have in our lives — a Savior whose birth we celebrate every year by spending time with loved ones and surprising them with gifts they’ll hopefully enjoy.

So this year, while you’re driving around town looking for those perfect gifts, “hark!” and remember that “away in a manger” hundreds of years ago was born the most perfect gift of all. Take some time in the remaining “silent nights” and spread a little “joy to the world.” It can be as simple as holding open doors, letting another shopper pass in front of you, or taking a longer stroll around a fellow group. Look for ways to enjoy this season, even in the midst of all of its busy-ness. How do you slow down and celebrate Christ during December’s distractions?

— Hannah

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