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Celebrate the Singleness?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good girl’s night. Getting go out with a bunch of girlfriends and grabbing a drink or getting together for wine and a good movie. Some great conversations happen when it’s just the girls. And good girlfriends should be treasured. They can give you some of the sagest wisdom, they can be your biggest support system, and they can be the sister you never had. We Christian women especially need to treasure our fellow Christian women, the friends who can give you Godly encouragement and wisdom.

Single women can have a challenging time around Valentine’s Day. Speaking as a single woman myself, there’s a part of me that wishes there was a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband who would buy me a beautiful bouquet or for whom I could go find a cute, quirky gift. I would love to have romantic Valentine’s Day plans with my significant other. However, I am at a place where I am not meant to have that right now and that’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes, it can be easy to try to fill the gap created by the awareness of Valentine’s Day. It can be easy to put on the façade of pretending you’re fine with your singleness and go out and celebrating it. And some of you may want to go out and celebrate because you are genuinely happy in your singleness and that’s great! But I don’t want all of us to feel like we have to. It can seem like if we’re not going out and celebrating Valentine’s Day with a certain someone, then we have to go and celebrate our singleness with our girlfriends. But I want to present an idea to you. What if, in this season of flowers, chocolate, and romance, we didn’t feel like we had to celebrate one or the other? What if we accepted where we are in our personal lives and just appreciated how God has brought us to this point? However, we also need to accept that we may not enjoy being single and we may want to find our special someone’s. And that is ok too!

At the end of the day, we are all at the place we are supposed to be for a reason, whether we’re single or in a romantic relationship. And God has a plan for us at every stage of our lives.


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