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A ’90s Renaissance

If you haven’t heard, the ’90s are making a comeback!

Looking around, it seems like we may have been transported thirty years in the past. Disney is re-releasing classic films left and right. High-waisted flare jeans are cruising down the streets. At This Small Group, we’ve been enjoying this trend toward the ’90s, especially in the media — rewatching classic shows and rebranded movies. For us, though, the decade has been most evident in our return to favorite hobbies!

Over the past few months, we’ve found ourselves revisiting some of the activities we enjoyed when we were at a very different age. One of the first that comes to mind is game nights, an easy choice for those nights when we want to socialize but don’t want to leave the couch. By now, quite a few of us have grown tired of those late nights out, dressing to impress, and paying for all the things that go along with those nights. Instead, it can be so relaxing to open a board game, host some old friends (and maybe some new), order pizzas or Chinese food, and pour out a few drinks of choice — whether soda, coffee, or alcohol.

We aren’t just bringing back the ’90s in our social activities; we’ve returned to creating again, either by writing or drawing. When we set out develop this blog, one of the first things we discovered about each other was how much we enjoyed journaling and writing stories as kids; we grew excited to find a new outlet that would invite us to create honestly. By making time to create, we’re both exploring our own thoughts and expressing ourselves more freely.

Allie and I also blasted back to the past with our work-out “plans.” No, we didn’t do Tae-Bo, though I think I still have a few of my mom’s tapes lying around; we joined an adult soccer league, which brought us back to a favorite sport. Yes, it was much harder to coordinate different muscle groups or to run as far or fast as we used to, but the benefits definitely outweighed the pain of torn muscles and fresh bruises. We met new people, got exercise, and practiced a little healthy teamwork and competition — all of which had become much more difficult to do as we entered the workforce.

So bring it on, ’90s! The calendar may say we’re pushing 30, but that just means it’s the perfect time to balance the drudgery of work with the joys of our favorite activities, and to remember what it was like to enjoy our time. We’re discovering more about each other and our passions through game nights, creativity, and soccer. What are some ways you (and maybe your group) are bringing the nostalgia of the past into the busyness of today?

— Hannah

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