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Here at This Small Group, Abby and I are the Instagram users of the group, a title I give us loosely. In real talk, we’re what actual users call “lurkers” — we like to like posts and we’re great at sending each other videos and memes, but posting our own content — not so much. But that’s a habit that’ll be changing soon, as we launch This Small Group’s Instagram account next week. We’re excited to bring you teasers for the week’s blog posts, join in the hashtag conversations, and maybe even share some memes!

To celebrate this lead-up, we wanted to share some of our favorite Instagram accounts. These are people and organizations that encourage us throughout the week, though we may not always agree with or understand everything they do.


  • Chris Pratt (@prattprattpratt) — One of the funniest actors on screen, Pratt also brings his humor and positivity to Instagram with posts about his wife, his farm, and his film career. He’s unashamed of his faith, and includes it naturally while writing his contributions.
  • Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) — Having endured some of the toughest criticisms in the past, Bieber has shown a change in his priorities over the past few months. He’s been public about his faith journey, and the love he’s gained for God and his new wife.
  • Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) — The former Disney star has grown up a lot in the public eye. After some health struggles, she’s used her platform most recently to share her friendships, new music, and mission trips.
  • Julie Ertz (@julieertz) — Ertz is part of the World Cup-winning US Women’s Soccer Team and plays professionally in Chicago. Oh, and she’s married to Philadephia Eagles star Zach Ertz. On Instagram, she celebrates their faith, their foundation, and each other.
  • Kirk Cousins (@kirkcousins) — One of Abby’s favorite athletes because of his team and his faith, Cousin’s Instagram focuses strongly on the love he has for his family, his team, and his God.


  • Lightworkers (@lightworkers) — The bio says it well, “A faith-forward community creating engaging, uplifting and inspirational content…” Lightworkers is a feed that brings short sermons, verses, inspirational quotes, and baby and dog pictures several times a day.
  • Good News Movement (@goodnews_movement) — This account is a more secular version of Lightworkers. It only features good news stories from around the world, which of course includes a lot of cute kids, and occasionally some surprisingly-simple acts of kindness.
  • Her True Worth (@hertrueworth) — Her True Worth shares prayers, Scripture, and reminders specifically targeted to Christian women working and living in a world of distractions.
  • Preachers n Sneakers (@preachersnsneakers) — At first glance, this account seems like nothing more than a criticism to modern mega-churches and their pastors, but the creator posts without negativity or disdain; he simply welcomes the conversations that happen.
  • Preemptive Love (@preemptivelove) — With the hashtag #loveanyway, Preemptive Love works to show the human side of a political topic, the refugee crisis in the Middle East.


  • Bianca Juarez Olthoff (@biancaolthoff) — I can not say enough about this woman! She and her husband are pastors at The Father’s House, and her love for God shines through every post she makes. Also, her love for single people, Boaz, her Bible-boyfriend-Peter, and tacos.
  • Steven Furtick (@stevenfurtick) — Based in Charlotte, NC, Furtick preaches at Elevation Church, and his account is full of snippets from sermons and worship albums from Elevation’s stage. It’s hard to listen to any of his sermons without feeling both challenged and pumped!
  • Daniel Floyd (@psdanielfloyd) — Floyd’s account typically features snapshots of his family, sermon quotes, and scenes from Lifepoint Church. His teachings leave listeners with actual actionable steps for living out faith.
  • Michael Todd (@iammiketodd) — Todd’s feed is big and bright and LOUD in all the right ways. The pastor from Transformation Church keeps his posts real by including sermon and worship clips, behind the scenes snaps, and the realities of being a dad, too.
  • Chris Hodges (@pastorchrishodges) — As both the pastor of Church of the Highlands and a key leader in the ARC organization, Hodges’s influence has been recognized by many of the pastors on this list. His account celebrates the leaders in both of his organizations.

As we get ready to go live next week, we’re always looking for more accounts that will bring positivity and faith-driven conversations to our feeds. What are some accounts that get you through the hard days?

While searching for the accounts above, don’t forget to find us and give us a follow — @thissmallgroup!

— Hannah

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