A virtual small group for professional Christian women

Six Month Anniversary

We’ve reached our six month anniversary for the This Small Group Blog! It feels like just yesterday that Abby, Hannah, and I were grabbing coffee when Abby suggested our small group start a blog. Time has been flying by! At this point, we thought it would be kind of neat to take a pause and reflect on the past six months. For this post, I posed a couple of questions to Abby and Hannah (and I guess myself too, haha) to reflect on all that’s happened:

-When we first were going to start the blog, how did you feel?

Abby: I felt excited! I feel like God has put the three of us in a stage of life where a lot of women start to feel disheartened and disconnected and maybe this could turn into a place where women could come together to build each other up and show that just because you’re single or don’t choose to live the typical millennial lifestyle doesn’t mean your life isn’t any less full or blessed.

Hannah: I guess I felt this weird balance where this could be a great thing or it could end up fizzling out. That scared me a bit, made me feel a lot of pressure. I tend to put pressure on myself anyway, that I’m going to literally go big or go home. That tends to make me feel overwhelmed and scared.

Allie: I was really excited by the idea. I’ve always really enjoyed writing and I thought it would be a neat way to expound upon that. I also really enjoyed getting to be a part of our small group and finding a way to grow our small group in a way beyond just meeting in person was really intriguing.

-What was your vision for the blog when we first discussed it? Has the blog lived up to the vision so far?

Abby: I tried not to have too big of expectations from the beginning-just to create this space for women and let God do what He wants with it. I actually think in some ways it has surpassed my vision; this may sound silly, but every time we get a new like or a new follower, it kind of blows my mind!

Hannah: I had hoped we could create a virtual small group for women who were like us, stuck in between being young adults and being moms-and-wives. Somewhere where we could share our struggles and our victories, and open the conversation for these women as well. It’s still early, but I think we’re going in a good direction. We’ve gotten some interactions and I think we’ll continue to grow as we keep discovering our voice.

Allie: I wanted the blog to be a virtual version of what the in-person small group had been for me. I didn’t have a lot of good solid Christian female friends who lived close to me, friends with whom I could trust with my struggles, but also friends that I could trust regarding their insight and wisdom and advice, that it was godly and sound. Even if we could be that for just one person, that would be incredible! While I do feel like we have a ways to go, I think we’ve kept a realistic view of the blog and have really sought not to grow the blog for the sake of growing it, but to really make it a place where women felt comfortable and welcome.

-What has been the most surprising thing about writing a blog?

Abby: I think the most surprising thing for me has been how much I have learned from researching and processing the topics I’ve written about, God has definitely used that process.

Hannah: I think seeing people like and follow us and that they actually read our stuff.

Allie: While finding topics to write about can sometimes be a challenge, it’s surprising that, for the most part, the blog posts have flowed pretty easily when I’ve actually gone to write the post. I thought there would be more writer’s block moments. Of course, now that I say that, my next post will probably be really tough to write, haha.

-What has been the most challenging?

Abby: The most challenging thing for me has been not having someone else with a concrete plan and it being up to us to decide what our direction will be and sort of creating the structure for our virtual small group to exist inside of.

Hannah: Finding the right voice when I write.

Allie: I think the most challenging thing for me has been the consistency in writing. While I absolutely love to write, I tend to write in spurts. I think having Abby and Hannah as part of the blog has helped to hold me accountable, though, and has helped me grow in being more consistent in my writing.

-Where do you see the blog going over the next six months?

Abby: I would be happy seeing it continue, but also move to the next level when it came to connections. Really developing that connection part.

Hannah: I think I would be happy if it just continued even at the rate we were going.

Allie: I think with us growing our Instagram, we could start reaching a greater audience and have greater engagement through that. By expanding our audience and growing our engagement with readers, it allows us to get an idea of what people would want to read about in our blog.

It was really cool to hear how each of the three of us viewed the past six months, how we’ve grown and what has developed since starting the blog. If you’ve been with us from our first post, thank you so much for sticking with us. If you joined us at some point during these past months, we’re so glad you found us. All three of us are eagerly looking forward to continuing this journey with each of you in these next six months.


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