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Timing is Everything

Last month, I wrote a post on waiting, focusing all about waiting on God before moving. When trying to figure out how exactly to cover the topic of God’s timing, I went back to look at that post. The first thing I noticed was the picture I chose: an old-fashioned pocket watch. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you the last time I saw someone with an old-fashioned pocket watch. Even regular analog watches aren’t as common anymore.

With the advent of digital watches, telling time was made a little easier. And now, with smart watches becoming so popular, many other things have become easier. No longer do you have to find a TV to check the weather report, you can just check your smart watch. No longer do you have to track down your phone to read a text, it’s right there on your watch.

While technology has been amazing and allowed us to do some incredible things, I think the downside is that it has made society expect for things to be easier. And I will totally admit that I’m guilty of that! There are definitely days when I don’t want to take the time to actually make a home-cooked meal, so take-out, here I come! But I think because some things have been made easier, we expect it to be that way for everything.

I think we can sometimes apply that to God. Like it would be so much easier if God would just swoop in and bring us out of this situation or swoop in and bring us to this new point in life. There are times when I’ll be praying and I’ll ask God to get me out of this challenge or bring me right to a different stage in my life and nothing happens. Yes, it does get frustrating at times, but I think recently, I’ve started learning to recognize that there’s a reason why God doesn’t take me right out of a situation or bring me right to a new point in life. And a lot of the time, it’s because there’s some hard work I need to do, hard work that I need to put into growing in some way so that I can learn from the situation before I reach a new stage.

Though it is a new perspective for me, and I know it may be a struggle at times to keep the perspective, I think instead of focusing on the situation that I’m in and why God won’t just get me out of it or bring me to a new stage, I can focus on what I can do in this time. God definitely knows what He’s doing and there is a reason that I’m not getting plucked out of this point and placed in a new point. There’s something I can learn in this stage and some way I can grow. So, even in the moments when I want life to be like a smart watch and have everything easy to figure out, it’s ok if it’s not the time yet and God wants me to work a little harder and grow a little more.


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