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What Your Favorite ‘Love Is Blind’ Couple Says About You?

Right now, a bunch of us are dealing with being in lock-down, or semi-lock-down, because of COVID-19, forcing people to stay home and isolated away from others. While some of us may be having to stay busy with work or taking care of family members or other things, some of us may have a fair amount of free time. With the free time I have had, I decided to spend some of it following one of Hannah’s suggested things to do: binge watching. In fact, I actually binge watched a show that Hannah and Abby recommended, a show that it seems like everybody and their brother has been talking about. I’m talking about the Netflix series ‘Love Is Blind’.

The title of the show kind of explains the synopsis, but basically a group of guys and a group of girls spend time getting to know each other with the one catch that they cannot actually see each other; they only get to see each other after they get engaged. For the first season, after going through the experiment, six engaged couples emerged to make it to the vacation and then five made it back home to spend the next few weeks getting to know each other in the real world before finally getting to the altar where they make the decision whether or not to actually get married.

As I watched the show, I definitely developed a ranking of the couples. A clear favorite of mine was identified, but there were some other strong contenders for my vote. For others, though, it was a real struggle to like them. I started wondering, though, if whichever couple was someone’s favorite actually said something about them. So, below are some thoughts on what your favorite ‘Love Is Blind’ couple says about you:

Amber and Barnett

If Amber and Barnett were your favorite couple, you are the life of the party. You don’t take life too seriously and love when everyone is having a good time. You can come on a little strong at times, but it’s really you putting up a front to protect your heart.

Giannina and Damien

If you were rooting for Giannina and Damien, then you are a very passionate person. You are open and willing to express your emotions, but people appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable. You can also be very in tune with others’ emotions, which allows them to be open with you.

Jessica and Mark

If Jessica and Mark had your backing, you want to believe the best in people. You can get in your head sometimes, but you remain hopeful that things can work out for the best. You are loyal and try to see the best in people.

Kelly and Kenny

If Kelly and Kenny were your fave, you tend to be a little more cautious when it comes to life. You listen to your head over your heart and don’t jump into things without carefully considering them. While you may guard your heart, you are supportive of others and can be the rock for them.

Lauren and Cameron

If Lauren and Cameron earned your vote, you don’t shy away from a challenge. You recognize the ups and downs that you will face in life, but you confront them head on. Your strong, calm demeanor is a breath of fresh air for others.

So, if you’ve watched the series, which couple were you rooting for?


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