A virtual small group for professional Christian women

Who We Are


Let me tell you about my girl, Hannah.  She is a classic. A classic middle-school teacher, always prepared, always enthusiastic (a little type A), and always putting her students first.  A classic English major, she has a cat named Bronte, reads so many books I honestly can’t keep track (she read two this weekend), and comes in clutch during literary rounds of trivia. A classic millennial, she loves super-hero shows, she can be on her tablet and watching Netflix simultaneously, and she is a strong, independent woman.  But the way in which Hannah is unique is what makes her a true classic and that is her love for Jesus and for people. She has always made sure her home is a welcoming and comfortable environment for studying God’s Word, she serves at church, and she always goes above and beyond for her students (including coaching their soccer club — picture it — middle schoolers playing soccer).  She is never one to shy away from hard truths but she always delivers them with encouragement and grace (and usually a hint of a southern accent). She also believes in being a positive voice for young professional women-when I shared my idea to turn our small group into this small blog she immediately jumped on board and I can’t wait for you all to get to know her!

-Written by Abby


Now for Allie, This Small Group’s best-friend-next-door and armchair-psychologist, who has a sincere passion for sharing God’s love through helping people. She graduated from a Virginian Christian university in 2014, and quickly began her career in cyber.  Over the past few years, however, Allie has been trying to keep her eyes open for any doors God wants her to walk through and any changes He has in store.  When not at work, Allie enjoys spending time with her family or friends, serving at church, or finding ways to improve herself or her faith.  She’s always up for trying new things, so she was all in when Abby brought up the idea of creating a virtual small group environment to connect with other professional women.  She hit the ground running with this project, trying out different “lifestyle hacks” and writing posts about these experiences.  In the group, she tends to bring the balance that’s needed among women with strong personalities.  When everyone has a story to tell, she’s eager to listen and chime in as needed. When there are questions, she’s prepared to add her own experiences or knowledge of Scripture.  And when there’s a lull after big news — she’s sitting with steepled hands, nodding along and asking, “How do we feel about this…?”

-Written by Hannah


This is Abby, artist extraordinaire! Abby grew up in California and now lives in the DC metro area. She’s passionate about Jesus, seeking to honor Him in both her professional and personal life. She is also passionate about poodles, being the mom of the most adorable poodle, affectionately known as Mo Mo, Smoosh, or Tiny Satan, depending on the moment. She’s also a connoisseur of local coffee shops and wineries and loves spending time with friends and family.
Abby is passionate about forming a strong Christian community for professional women. After starting a small group through her church in 2016 with a few friends, she felt the desire to expand that community to others in a similar position in life who may not have that. So, in 2019, she proposed the idea of expanding it through the web in a small, of course local, coffee shop to two group members. And ta-da! This Small Group was born.

-Written by Allie

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