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The [Modern] Armor of God

If you grew up attending Sunday School pretty regularly, you’ve probably heard of the description of the Armor of God provided by Paul. For those who may not be as familiar or may need a refresher, this can be found in Ephesians 6:10-20. It lists all the different characteristics Christians should take upon themselves to help combat temptation and resist the devil. Paul used an analogy with something that people in that time would be familiar with: armor. Paul talks of putting on the full armor of God to include:

-Belt of Truth

-Breastplate of Righteousness

-Shoes of Peace

-Shield of Faith

-Helmet of Salvation

-Sword of the Spirit

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t go walking around every day carrying a shield or wearing a breastplate. I can conjure up an idea of what all the armor would look like, but it’s not something I see all the time, so there’s a bit of a disconnect. When Abby, Hannah and I were talking and planning out our ideas for this month, we started batting around the idea of a more modernized version, something more relatable to all of us. So with that, we present, the [Modern] Armor of God:

-Sweatpants of Truth: Not sure about you, but I am probably at my truest self in sweatpants. Sweatpants typically also means no makeup, little-if any-jewelry, and hair either up in a ponytail or just completely down with no styling at all. When I’m in sweatpants, I’m not worried about having a proper first impression or making sure it looks like I have it all together. In sweatpants, I don’t worry what the world is thinking of me, knowing the truth of who I am.

-Hoodie of Righteousness: I love a comfy, bulky hoodie. Hoodies help protect you from the cold while still keeping you cozy. They make sure you are comfortable and and relaxed, not trying to be the most fashionable. Righteousness isn’t about being ostentatious and flashy and a hoodie definitely isn’t those things! In a hoodie, it is your words and deeds that would make the good impression, not just your clothes. As such, it definitely makes me think of how I’m coming across in my words and actions; am I demonstrating someone who seeks to honor God and how He made me righteous through His sacrifice?

-Slippers of Peace: I can think of no more peaceful footwear than slippers (maybe flip flops, but they can be too noisy). When you’re wearing slippers, you’re typically relaxed at home. You’re not out in the world trying to struggle and fight for your place in the world. Rather, you’re in your safe zone at home and it can even be a sign to others that you are in an attitude of peace.

-Sunglasses of Faith: For the past few years, I’ve always kept a pair of sunglasses in my car. They’re a free pair that I got before going on a cruise, but I love them. They work great and have held up really well. I can always count on them being in my car, ready to protect my eyes from the sun and allow me to get to my destination safely. Unfortunately, sometimes the things we see in the world can make our faith take a hit. We need to make sure we are putting the correct protective lenses on to look at the world to ensure our faith is strong. While yes, we need to acknowledge what we see in this world, that doesn’t mean we have to look at it unprotected, allowing our faith to remain in tact.

-Headphones of Salvation: Helmets are used to protect your head from injury, creating barrier between your head and possible impacts or damage. Helmets aren’t an everyday accessory, unless you ride a bike or motorcycle every day, but I frequently see people wearing headphones or earbuds. Headphones help create a barrier between you and the outside world. They stop your ears from taking in the sounds of the outside world and help you go into your own bubble. It can be easy to let the things of this world get to us and there are times it can even make us doubt our salvation. But, if we make sure we have our headphones playing the correct message, we can stop the messages of this world from getting to us.

-Phone of the Spirit: I think most of us, if not all of us, won’t go anywhere without our phones. I know that before I leave, I always double check to make sure my phone is with me. How often do we go to our phone for everything: communicating, researching, killing time, etc.? Just as our phones carry so much power and capability, we actually have immense power and capability within us for we have the Spirit within us everywhere we go. We just need to remember to rely on the Spirit for that power and capability.

So when you’re getting ready to tackle the day, whether you’re actually leaving your house or facing the world virtually, remember to put on the [Modern] Armor of God.


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